Croydon Camera Club
Croydon Camera Club

Croydon Camera Club History: 1890-2000


CROYDON CAMERA CLUB was founded in 1890 when the town was a manufacturing centre for films, plates, chemicals and photographic apparatus to serve the quickly growing interest in the new 'hobby'.

Croydon was a natural choice for the establishment of a Camera Club with members belonging to the many photographic businesses. By proving their products to the amateur they" could stimulate demand.

The most famous of the manufacturers was the firm of Wratten and Wainright with a factory in Canterbury Road Croydon and claiming to be the oldest established Plate Makers in the world. Members of the Wratten family were members of the Croydon Camera Club through three generations until 1988.

Of the many Scientists who joined in the early days was C E K Mees who's career took him to the Vice Presidency of Kodak Ltd. He never forgot his 11 years as a Club Member and retained his interest until his death in 1960.

Croydon was one of the very few Camera Clubs in the London Area that flourished outside the Photographic Society of Great Britain, and it is fitting that the celebration of its Centenary should be marked by the publication of this book to record the History of the Croydon Camera Club from 25 February 1890 to the present time.