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Croydon Camera Club History: 1890-2000

ANNUAL REPORT 1940 - 1941

Although this report covers twelve months, according to the calendar, it can only record about seven months activities. Fixed items were arranged for meetings tip to the end of May, many of special interest, and from June to early September there were conversational evenings with one or two "Portrait events" when exposures were-made on willing subjects. Prints were later displayed and examined with interest and much banter. The German air blitz commenced with great severity and at the end of August and it was decided to suspend further activities of the Club in the mean time. Shortly afterwards, "The Studio" was damaged by a bomb exploding near by, and it was not until four months later that it was habitable again. Mr. Spackman has the members' sincere sympathy for the worry and trouble he was called upon to endure during this very trying time.

There was, therefore, an enforced break in the Club meetings, but at Christmas the President and Council sent a greetings card to all members as a reminder of happy evenings spent together and of those to come, we hope, in the near future.

The exigencies of war have been the cause of many members having to leave the district, and several resignations have had to be accepted. As far as we have been able to discover there are twelve members serving in the Forces, and several have shown their continued interest in the club by sparing an hour or two of their short leave in meeting their fellow members. The members generally wish them all the best of luck and a happy return to the Club and their peace-time pursuits.

Hearty congratulations are extended to the President, Mr. John Keane, on the well-earned honour bestowed on him by being made a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. This is an honour not lightly bestowed and it is, therefore, evidence of the high appreciation of Mr. Keane's work and interest in the photographic world. Members will regret to learn that he is suffering from an eye affliction which threatens to curtail considerably his photographic work but it is hoped that this will not be the case and that he will still be able "to enjoy the pursuits of his special hobby".

Members will also regret to learn of the serious illness of Mr. E. A. Salt who has been in hospital for some weeks. A letter expressing the members' sympathy has been sent him by your secretary.

The membership roll now shows a total of 129, made up of 101 full members, 19 corresponding members, 4 honorary members and 5 honorary life members.