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Croydon Camera Club

Croydon Camera Club History: 1890-2000

1947-8 Season
Ill Health and Retirement

At the AGM on 5th March 1947 J. T. Morgan resigned through ill health and was made an Honorary Life Member and Vice President as was the Secretary A. E. Witty, who retired after holding the office since 1929. The new President was J. MacLaren and Secretary N. L. Coult. S. E. Whitaker remained Treasurer. Membership stood at 130 and the accounts showed a surplus of £13.1/4d. Subscription was confirmed at 21/- with wives of members 15/-.

Evening Events

A rare visit occurred on 12th March when Charles Duncan came and stated his previous visit to the Club had been in 1900. He talked about the chemistry of photography and demonstrated the coating of a Collodion Plate and a print from it in two/three minutes. On 9th April Mr Sharp of Autotype Ltd gave a demonstration of Trichrome Carbiro Colour Print.

The following week a demonstration took place of 2" x 2" projectors. A cine lecture on 23rd April proved somewhat disappointing as "owing to double summer time it was difficult to get The Studio dark enough". A problem which may recur in 1992 if the EEC regulations are enforced.

New Trophies

An outing was made on 5th July to the works of Mr Dorrett and Miss Moon at the Manor Home, Mitcham, where members and their families were entertained. During tea Mr Dorrett presented the Club with a very fine silver cup to be awarded in a manner to be decided by Council. Thus the Club now had two cups, the Newton Cup and the Dorrett Cup neither commemorating the name of anyone who had made an outstanding contribution to Club activities: be they photographic or administrative.' Isaacs, Keane, Mees, Wratten, Salt and Whitaker are all in the author's opinion, worthy of commemoration yet remain even today unrecognised by the Club.

Dr C. E. K. Mees, Vice President of Kodak wrote in June expressing the hope of visiting the Club in the near future: and the President was asked to stop private conversations at the back of the room from disturbing those at the front trying to hear the speaker! Do we hear murmurs of discontent?

The Winter Session opened with a lecture from A. L. M. Sowerby, Editor of Amateur Photography and on 15th October Percy M Harris showed the new "Ilford Colour Film". Agfa, Dufay, and Ansco colour slides were shown by member R. A. W. Y. Stevenson on 22nd October and in a thought-provoking talk on 26th November, E. A. Goldring from Barnet Ensign Ltd showed "35mm V the Rest".

First SLF Competition

The first inter-club competition held under the auspices of the SLF took place on 3rd December when South London PS visited and were awarded 97 points against Croydon's 94 out of a possible 120.

Early in 1948 Dr Posford (member) gave a demonstration of print mounting using Dunlop upholstery solution! Colour again on 11th February with R. M. Fanstone showing "Dufaycolor" and on 25th February Mr Alderton dealt with "Kodachrome Extachrome and Technicolor".