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Croydon Camera Club History: 1890-2000

1961: Continued Success
Too many members!

There were, however, no clouds on the horizon in 1961 when it was determined by Council that membership would be restricted as accommodation was at a premium. Weekly meetings had standing room only and "Spacky" complained that his pieces of sculpture were being removed from pedestals in order to provide a perch for members.

The Dark Room

The landlord of the Dark Room asked for a rent increase to 25/-per week in view of the popularity of its use, and this in spite of an agreement to 20/-. A compromise of 22/6d per week for the next five years was agreed. John F. Keane gifted a carpet which was fitted into the Dark Room and a plinth was prepared to accommodate the bust of his father.

There was a complaint on 9th March 1961 that the Dark Room was being left in a dirty condition and in spite of a Club balance of £413 Council declined to purchase a dish warmer for the Dark Room. Could it be the premises were already becoming a burden, on the Club personnel?


For the first time in almost 50 years the question of meeting on a different day to Wednesday was raised. B. F. Bullock thought it not the best day being "Early Closing" in Croydon. The matter was put on the Agenda for the AGM on 31st May but as no records are available the result of the discussion can only be guessed at as Wednesday meetings continued.

Treasurer for the last five years M. J. Marchant retired. He will go down in history as the most successful Treasurer ever, achieving a surplus of income over expenditure every year to a total of approximately £500, and laid the successful foundation for the Club's present assets of over £4,000. Membership stood at an all time high of 172. Deservedly, Maurice was made President, the new Secretary was Mrs M. Marshall, and D. J. Alexandre became Treasurer.

With so many new members joining it was proposed to have lapel badges to identity Council officers but on a vote lost five-two.

During the summer a call was received from the Photographic Alliance for new lecturers but Council decided not to respond but merely to place the notice on the Club board for members' interest.

The Progress Award (now without the name "McLaren") was further relegated by being an award to be made at the discretion of Council and not on a regular annual basis.

Anthony Friese Greene was made an Hon Life Member on 27th July 1961 and thus followed his illustrious grandfather.