Croydon Camera Club
Croydon Camera Club

Club Members of Note

'Harry Gordon Dorrett, Also Taking Part', by Ralph Rimmer
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Mr. and Mrs. J. Pegrum;
Mrs. Marjorie Chorley;
T. Herbert Jones FRPS;
E. Montague;
Mr. R, Shaw, Reference and Local History Librarian, Wandsworth;
Mrs. P. Roberts, Curator, Royal Photographic Society;
V. T. Sampson FBIPP;
C. Milborrow;

The staff of Surrey Records Office, Mitcham Library, Croydon Library, the London Guildhall Library, the Lambeth Reference Library and the Battersea District Library

The Battersea District Library Wandsworth and Mrs J. Pegrum are thanked for permitting the reproduction of photographs in their collections.

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