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Annual Exhibition 17 March to 12th April 2014

2013 to 2014 Season

Every one is welcome to view the exhibition. It is open during the day and early evening.

An Annual Exhibition of Work by members of Croydon Camera Club is at:

  Clocktower Café,
  Katharine Street,
  CR0 1NX

The Clocktower Café is part of the main library complex.

  View the location on a GOOGLE MAP.


 The viewing days are Monday 17th March to Saturday 12th April 2014, at the times the Clocktower Café is open.
 Exhibition Awards Night is at the club house, Wednesday 2nd April 2014
 The Clocktower café is open Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm.
 Judged by:  Monica Weller FRPS

Opening Night: Monday 17th March 2014, 7:00pm

Our guest of honour is yet to be announced.

The event is being held at the Click Clock Gallery in Katharine Street, Croydon, which is in the Croydon central library complex (the same venue as for PHOTO 2013). Light refreshments will be served.

It will be staged over the four weeks from Monday 17 March to Saturday 12th April.

General Information For Club Members

This document contains additional General Information.

Please attach the appropriate entry forms:

Entries for all three exhibition categories (prints, DPI’s and slides) must be received no later than the club on Wednesday 15th January, when we have a scheduled print competition to be judged by John Nathan.

Prints must be submitted for judging on 40x50cm card mounts, regardless of the actual picture size, as they will all be exhibited in frames that accommodate this size. Exhibitors at PHOTO 2013 will already have such frames. New exhibitors will need to provide them. Further information on this will be given early in February, but please wait for this before making any purchase.

If you intend to exhibit please follow the rules to the letter, particularly those relating to the following.

  • A JPEG image must accompany each print entry. For the information of newer members and others who may be exhibiting for the first time, the need for 1024x768 JPEG copies is to enable the exhibits to be projected at the awards evening on Wednesday 2 April, when the exhibition judge will be commenting specifically on the award-winning and certificate-winning exhibits. JPEGs must be in the usual 1024 x768 sRGB format as used for our internal DPI competitions.
  • DPI entries to be submitted in TWO sizes (1024x768 and 1920x1080). The 1920x1080 size is needed for projection to a TV screen at the exhibition. Please make sure that all JPEGs are copies of the actual final exhibition image, whichever its entry category, after all post-production.

Slide entries will be scanned after submission, and suitable JPEGs produced from these scans.

Any prints that have been produced by traditional darkroom means from film originals will be copied digitally to give JPEGs.

If you have any question on any of the above or the exhibition rules, please ask a member of the exhibition committee - Nina Ludwig (chair), Wally Conquy, Chris Davis, Ron Barker, and Bill Yates.

Our Sponsors

Richard Frankfurt Photographic Ltd
Richard Frankfurt Photographic Ltd
  45-49 Gladstone Road
  CR0 2BQ

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Beaver Water World; photographic days out at Tatsfield.

Picture Partnership for the hire of photographic studios.

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS).

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Dates For Club Members

Wednesday 15th January 2014:   LAST DAY to submit Digital and Slide entries for the Exhibition.
Wednesday 15th January 2014:   LAST DAY to submit Print entries for the Exhibition.
Sunday 16th February 2014:   The exhibition judging will take place.
Monday 17th March 2014. 10:00am:   Opening of the Annual Exhibition, PHOTO 2014, at the Clocktower Café.
Wednesday 2nd April 2014. 20:00 (8:00 pm):   Exhibition Awards Night at the club house. Details to be advised.
(Note: This is NOT at the Clocktower Café exhibition venue)
Slides and Digital will be projected. The Judge will make comments on certificate winners. Certificates and Trophies will be distributed to the winners.
Saturday 12th April 2014:   Close of the Annual Exhibition, PHOTO 2014, at the Clocktower Café.

Help with mounting your prints

Prints are to be mounted on 40x50cm card as used by most club members entering our normal internal print competitions. This is regardless of the image size, and is a stipulation in the exhibition rules that will be distributed to all members.

We are also recommending RIBBA frames (Catalogue reference: 60132521), sold by IKEA at £7.25 each. These are not only the required size, and light in weight, but they also have the necessary wood surrounds suitable for the attachment of metal plates that will enable them to be screwed securely to the café walls. (Most of the other readily available inexpensive frames have flexible plastic surrounds and are therefore totally unsuitable.)