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Annual Exhibition 1st June to 27th June 2020

2019 to 2020 Season

Every one is welcome to view the exhibition. It is open during the day and early evening.

An Annual Exhibition of Work by members of Croydon Camera Club is at:

  Clocktower Café,
  Katharine Street,
  CR0 1NX

The Clocktower Café is part of the main library complex.

View the location on a GOOGLE MAP.

Dates: The viewing days are Monday 1st June to Saturday 27th June 2020, at the times the Clocktower Café is open.
Times: The Clocktower café is open Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm.
Judged by: TBA

Committee Members


Dates For Club Members

Wednesday 29th April 2020:   LAST DAY hand-in date for entry forms, monies and mounted prints.
Sunday 31st May 2020:   Members deliver their prints to the gallery at the Clocktower Café.
Monday 1st June 2020:   Opening night at the Clocktower Café.
Wednesday 17th June 2020:   Judge’s feedback evening.
Sunday 28th June 2020:   The photographs will be taken down and removed from the Clocktower Café. Please be there to collect your photographs

Categories and Submission

Those wishing to participate in the club's annual exhibition (Photo 2019) can now submit digital versions of their photos via PhotoEntry. This is the only method by which images will be accepted.

There are two categories, DPI and Print, and you may enter up to four images in each. These should be submitted in the usual format, i.e. a resolution of 1400 x 1050 and with the sRGB colour profile. Each image must have a title but Panel/Portfolio names are not required. These will be taken from your entry form.

For DPI entries, two versions of each shot are necessary. As usual, during the exhibition the DPIs will be displayed on a television lent to the club by Richer Sounds. In order to fill the screen, a second set of images with a maximum size of 1920 x 1080 pixels are required.

All the exhibition competitions can be found in the "One-Off Competitions" section on the PhotoEntry website and consist of the following:

  • Exhibition DPI Entries (1400 x 1050) - (DPI entries at standard resolution)
  • Exhibition DPI Entries (HD version) - (DPI entries for display on the television - 1920 x 1080)
  • Exhibition Print Entries - (Print entries at standard resolution - 1400 x 1050)

PhotoEntry will display an error message for any submissions with incorrect dimensions.

The PhotoEntry website address is

Queries relating to the exhibition in general should be addressed to a member of the Exhibition Committee.

The cost of entry is £5 per panel of 4 images (e.g. £5 for 4 x Prints and £5 for 4 x DPIs). The maximum that members would therefore pay is £10 for both sets of images. Entry forms will be available at the club over the next couple of weeks.

Members submitting prints will need to submit a digital copy of their images to PhotoEntry, sized to 1400 x 1050 and in sRGB profile by midnight 17th March.

Because of the television display at the gallery, members submitting DPIs will need to submit 2 sets of images with different resolutions:

  • 1 set for judging sized to 1400 x 1050
  • 1 set for the HDTV sized to 1920 x 1080

You should be able to upload both sets of images to PhotoEntry and further information on that will be published shortly.

With regards to the sets of 4 images, members may enter either a panel or a portfolio. If entering a panel it must have a name, and consist of 4 cohesively linked images. Other sets of images can be in a portfolio which do not have to have any kind of link.

If members enter a portfolio into the PhotoEntry system, they should not give the set of images a ‘Panel’ name and should instead enter ‘Portfolio’ in the name field.

For those new to the ‘competition’ side of the exhibition, certificates can be awarded by the judge based on his/her appreciation and not scores. Trophies are then awarded for the following: -

  • The Cundell Trophy (Best Print Overall)
  • The Elizabeth Bowl (Best Digital Image Overall)
  • The Dorrett Cup (Best Print Panel Overall)
  • The Victoria Cup (Best Digital Panel Overall)
  • The Chairman's Cup (Best Advanced Class Print or Digital Image)
  • The Bulletin Cup (Best Intermediate Class Print or Digital Image)
  • The Eileen Wadley Trophy (Best Standard Class Print or Digital Image)
  • The Click-Clock Trophy (Best Advanced Class Panel or Portfolio)
  • The Archivist Cup (Best Intermediate Class Panel or Portfolio)
  • The Joy Cane Trophy (Best Standard Class Panel or Portfolio)

Help with mounting your prints

Prints are to be mounted on 40x50cm card as used by most club members entering our normal internal print competitions. This is regardless of the image size, and is a stipulation in the exhibition rules that will be distributed to all members.