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Bluebell Line Outing - Tuesday, 11 May 2010
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Bluebell Line Outing - Tuesday, 11 May 2010

by Michael Farley LRPS

Seven intrepid members of Croydon Camera Club travelled back in time to visit the Bluebell Line’s “Southern at War” World War II re-enactment event on 9 May. Setting off in 2010, the group was soon transported to the wartime sights of the 1940s, without a blue police phone box in sight!

Perhaps one of the most surprising aspects of the day is just how many people take advantage of such occasions to dress up and recreate scenes from so long ago. It was obvious that there had been great care to ensure that costumes were as authentic as possible, with vehicles and other equipment restored to former condition. Fortunately, this was as realistic as it got, although there were a number of demonstrations throughout the day to enhance the experience and give a feel for the challenges faced by those who lived through the period.

For us photographers, the occasion added to the usual attractions of the railway and provided many opportunities to take shots that would not be possible at other times. Perhaps the only downside to the day was the chill wind that kept temperatures unseasonably low, which must have been uncomfortable for many of the participants as their 1940s attire was not really designed for the wintry weather.

After an enjoyable day’s shooting, Croydon’s members retired cold, but refreshed by the outing and the company of their colleagues.

Time for a break

Ian, Grace, Ron and Ashley take a break. meanwhile Mike Day is in the background still shooting away!

Home Guard

The Home Guard protecting Horsted Keynes station.

Waiting his turn

Mike Day waits his turn while Ron takes a shot and Adam talks to a participant.