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Brighton, Sussex, 17 Aug 2011
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A Stick of Brighton Rock

by Nina Ludwig

From iconic attractions to beachfront cool, Brighton is a treasure trove of things to see & do, so says the official tourist guide and who am I to argue different, specially since I organised the Camera Club outing.

A brave group of 12 Club members set off late morning on a dull mid August Wednesday from East Croydon on a fast train to the coast. One of the main objectives was to satisfy Wally’s appetite for fish and chips. The meal in a fish restaurant on the end of the pier was a success.

The afternoon was spent wondering around in the Lanes, around the Royal Pavilion and up and down the seafront looking for likely subject matter, stopping for tea and coffee and dodging showers as necessary.

The light wasn’t really with us until late, when clouds started to break up and there was a beautiful red sunset. By that time though most of us were thoroughly exhausted.

Despite the challenging conditions, the members enjoyed the day and hopefully managed to come away with a few pictures or if not, at least a stick of rock to remember the day.