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Photography and Communication


Damien Demolder

Editor of the weekly magazine 'Amateur Photographer'

Wednesday 20th March 2013 at 8pm

Price £6

(Telephone enquiries: 0208-654-3041)

This year's Croydon Camera Club Wratten lecture - entitled 'Photography and Communication' - will be given by Damien Demolder, editor of the weekly magazine Amateur Photographer, on Wednesday 20th March 2013.

The lecture, aimed at photographers of all abilities and degrees of experience from beginner, to advanced amateur and professional, will focus on the power of photography as a means communication to all types of audience, whatever their interests, nationality or culture - whether photographers themselves or not.

Damien, who has been involved in photography professionally as a commercial photographer and photographic journalist for many years, has been editor of AP since 1997. Before then he had spells as a feature writer on the magazine, technical editor, and deputy editor.

He will take as his main message the proposition that no matter what sort of picture we produce, each needs a purpose if it is to succeed, and that with the right attitude, technique, observation and attention to what the photographer wants to get across the resulting pictures are more likely to move others and not leave them cold.

The Wratten Lecture - the latest in a series by prominent and internationally renowned figures in the photographic world that have been given in every alternate year since 1999 - will take place at Shirley Methodist Church, Eldon Avenue, Croydon CR0 8SD, starting at 8pm.

The Lecture will be held at:

  Shirley Methodist Church Hall
  Eldon Avenue,
  CR0 8SD

There is ample free street parking if you are driving.

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